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Halloween Theme Wedding

Down here in the south, we do a lot of entertaining in backyards and church fellowship halls, but when the occasion calls for it, we certainly know how to “put on the dog.”

Themes: Does your celebration have a theme, a color scheme, a special graphic? Let us know about it so we can talk about working it into the food or decor. Want a holiday-themed party, we can do that too!

Fancy Fancy: Is your event on the dressy side? Talk to us about using glass plates and coordinating our food table cloths and runners with your guest tables. We also have a Champagne Fountain, which you can use for punch, tea, or champagne! We can also class up your event with other concoctions, like shrimp cocktail in martini glasses or fresh fruit/vegetable infused water. Coastline Catering always maintains pristine tablecloths, fine silverware and flatware.

BeveragesOysters on the Half Shell


Sweet Teeth: Got ’em? We got you covered with our customizable Candy Bar, Chocolate Fountain, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, and Sundae Bar options.

Fresh and Fit: If you’re trying to be good during your big event, we can help make being fresh and fit fun! Check out our awesome fresh fruit and vegetable medleys, especially our Pineapple Tree.  Also talk to us about the Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten Free options we offer.

Grown-up Throw Down: If you’re wanting to age your event up, we offer bartending services–complete bar sets with mugs, wine glasses, champagne flutes, and we have our Beer and Wine permit.

Food Bars: Want to offer options? We love options. We can make almost any kind of “bar” you want–taco bar, mashed potato bar, candy bar, fish fry bar, cold cuts bar, sundae bar, etc. If you’re looking for something a little earlier, we can also do a full Breakfast Bar, including: readymade meats, eggs, pancakes, French Toast, pastries, etc.; or we can set up a station to do any of the above any way your guests want, including an omelet station.

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Fresh Seafood: Being located in Shallotte, NC allows us to cook up some of the freshest seafood from the East Coast, like flounder, oysters, scallops, crab, fish, and more when in season. If you’re looking for some finger-licking goodness (like our Low Country Boil pictured to the right), let us know, and we can tell you what is available for your event.

Emergency Crew Feedings: Found yourself in an emergency? We’ve helped folks out during power outages, hurricanes, etc.

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